"Never Doubt that a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens can Change the World" - Margaret Mead

The VRTA Walkers came across this engraved slab while exploring Everett Crowley Park in SE Vancouver one August day. The quote by Margaret Mead reminds us that when we join together as a group, we can achieve much. It may seem like a small step but Peace comes from individuals meeting together with their diverse interests, experiences and skills and deciding to work together on a common project. Consider joining the VRTA executive or one of their Events to share your interests and provide benefits to us all.

What's Happening

The latest news and upcoming events
Dan Levitt, adjunct Professor of Gerontology at SFU, succeeds Isobel Mackenzie as the B.C.'s new Seniors' Advocate starting April, 2024. He… Read more…
Isobel Mackenzie, BC's First Seniors Advocate, concludes her 10th year of service in March 2024 in the OSA, Office of Senior Advocate.… Read more…
Retiring Seniors' Advocate, Isobel MacKenzie, gave a passionate talk on Monday March 4 to over 40 members and their guests regarding her… Read more…


All members are invited to JOIN any of these activities. Currently there are three opportunities and their Contacts:  
Wednesday morning Walkers group – meet Wednesday at 9:50 am – margyoshi@gmail


  • promoting the interests and welfare of our members
  • providing information on retirement programs and benefits
  • communicating activities of our branch
  • sharing information with and from the BCRTA
  • providing  social opportunities