Table Officers of the Vancouver RTA:

President: Anastasia Mirras

Past President: Winola Chu 

1st VP: Marilyn Rushton

2nd VP: Edie Wood

Secretary: Denis Ottewell

Treasurer: Dave Ellis

Membership: Elaine Anderson

Editor & Website Coordinator: Ros Kellett;  Technical Support Staff: Jeffrey Nguyen

e-TABLOID Distributor: Norma Westrom (vancouvertabloid@gmail.com)

Members at Large:  Barb Mikulec, Sheila Pither, Ali Pollard,  Les Rowe, David H Smith, Diane Smith, Norma Westrom,

Ex Official Member at Large:  Al Cornes

Delegates to Meetings, AGMs and Conventions:

Delegates to the monthly meetings of COSCO: ( 4 votes)

  • Anastasia Mirras, Sheila Pither, Les Rowe, Diane Smith
  • Alternate: Denis Ottewell

Volunteers: appointed by the Executive.

  • Lil Cumberbirch, Ora Fraser