Policies and Procedures

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POLICIES and PROCEDURES of the VANCOUVER BRANCH of the BCRTA, Also referred to as Vancouver Retired Teachers’ Association (VRTA) (June 2023)


  1. The Vancouver Branch (VRTA)
  2. operates within the Constitution and Bylaws of the BC Retired Teachers’ Association (BCRTA)
  3. and through affiliation with the BCRTA operates under The Society Act. The Vancouver Branch maintains a non-partisan policy.
  4. The following Policies and Procedures shall be reviewed regularly, and statements in the Policies and Procedures remain in force until they are amended or deleted.
  5. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the policy approving body.
  6. Policies and Procedures documents serve as guidelines to assist incoming presidents and their executives.


(1 to 4, are BCRTA Purposes)

  1. To promote the interests and to guard the welfare of its members,
  2. To provide information and advice to individual members and their beneficiaries on retirement programs and benefits,
  3. To communicate to members on the activities of the Branch and matters of common interest,
  4. To promote excellence in public education,
  5. To promote a sociable means of maintaining friendships established while teaching and to meet other members.
  6. To support the recording of the history of education and the preservation of school properties of historical value to this Branch.
  7. To encourage our members to support issues affecting their health, well-being, lifestyle and environment.


The BCRTA Bylaws Schedule B, Part 2 - Members: has sections defining Types of Membership and Continuity of Membership.

  1. VRTA members must also be members of the BCRTA.
  2. Life Membership shall be granted to an Active Member who reaches the age of 90 years and who has been a member in good standing for at least ten years. (BCRTA 2.6)
  3. Life members do not pay branch fees.
  4. Members’ names, phone numbers, postal and email addresses will be used only for BCRTA or branch business.

D. FEES of the VRTA:

  1. The annual fee for branch membership is made upon recommendation of the Executive and voted on at the AGM.
  2. The new fee comes into effect in July 1st of the following financial year.
  3. When the branch fee is changed the BCRTA must be contacted by June 30 of that year with a reminder sent by the following year in order for BCRTA Membership forms to be changed.
  4. The BCRTA requires the notice-of-fee-change to be accompanied by the Minutes of the AGM that voted to change the fee.
  5. Fees that are deducted by the BC Pension Corporation each year from the September pension payment shall be considered as paid on the due date.

The annual fee shall relate to the fiscal year of the branch, July 1st to June 30th.



  1. There shall be at least five Executive meetings a year.
  2. A quorum shall be 1/3 of the membership of the Executive
  3. (Table Officers and Members at Large).

  4. Business shall be limited to the items on the Agenda.
  5. Any member may attend Executive Meetings as a guest with permission from the President and may present a report but without voting rights.
  6. Executive Meetings may be held by Virtual arrangements (Zoom, Webinar, etc.) as circumstances make necessary.


  1. The AGM is to be held in June, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.
  2. The AGM may be held by Virtual arrangements (Zoom, Webinar, etc.) as circumstances make necessary.
  3. The business is limited to the items on the Agenda.
  4. Notice of the AGM must be sent to every member not less than 14 days and not more than 60 days prior to the date of the AGM.
  5. A quorum shall be at least twenty members. (approved at the 2020 Sept. 8 AGM)
  6. The President, or designate, will be in charge of the meeting; the voting on deletions and amendments (if any) to the Policies and Procedures; and on changes to the fees (if any).
  7. The Past President will be in charge of the Nominations and elections of the Table Officers, the Members at Large, and the approval of those members agreeing to be Delegates.
    1. Nominees running for Table Officers: president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, treasurer, secretary, editor, membership chairperson, website coordinator.
    2. Nominees running for Members at Large. At present there is no limit as to the number of members that can serve as a M-at-L.
    3. The Executive Committee will appoint members to be Delegates to the BCRTA AGM, to the BCTF AGM on pension matters, to COSCO Conferences, to a National Pensioners Federation (NP
    4. Convention, and to COSCO delegates meetings and other meetings of interest to the VRTA membership.
      These delegates shall agree to provide brief oral or written reports on subjects of importance from such meetings.
      The names appointed by the Executive will need to be moved and accepted at the AGM.
    5. Members wishing to serve on the Executive Committee, as Volunteers, or as Delegates may be nominated at the AGM.
    6. Members shall be elected either by acclamation, or ballot.
    7. The balloting may be by a secret ballot, or some other agreed upon process.
    8. All elected members shall be introduced at the close of the elections.
    9. The term of office for elected members shall commence on the adjournment of that AGM.
    10. The Table Officers and the Members at Large are elected for a one year term and may be re-elected for additional terms.
    11. If no one fills one of the Executive positions at the time of the AGM, then the Executive is empowered to fill that position at a subsequent Executive meeting.
    12. If an Executive Member resigns, the vacant position may be filled by an interim appointment or the Executive may decide to complete the term without filling the position.


  1. The Executive is composed of the Table Officers: president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, treasurer, secretary, editor, membership chairperson, website coordinator, past president and Members at Large.
  2. The Members at Large are assigned duties/responsibilities about which they report to the Executive.
  3. Volunteers are non-executive members approved by the current Executive to carry out assigned duties.


Note: BCRTA Constitution and Bylaws 6.16


  1. Is the chief presiding officer of the Branch, and shall have general supervision of all matter and affairs of the Branch, and shall make the necessary arrangements required.
  2. Shall confirm dates and how and where to conduct such Executive and AGM Meetings.
  3. Shall chair all Executive and AGM meetings unless designates otherwise.
  4. Shall prepare agendas and make copies available for the meetings.
  5. Shall keep members informed of Branch and BCRTA affairs and correspondence requiring action.
  6. Shall act as ex-officio member of all Branch committees except the Nominating Committee.
  7. Shall guide long term planning and periodically review the Policies and Procedures.
  8. Shall sign and execute all instruments pertaining to the responsibility of the President, and in the name of the Branch.
  9. Shall prepare an annual report to be sent to the BCRTA to arrive no later than June 30 or as requested and to also forward at that time the AGM Minutes and the names and contact
  10. information of the new Executive members.
  11. Shall call for approval of any survey conducted by members related to the activities of the Branch.


  1. Shall carry out the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform those duties.
  2. Shall assist the President in Branch activities as requested.


  1. Shall assume the duties of the President during the absence of the President and 1st Vice President.
  2. Shall carry out the duties assigned by the Executive Committee.


is a non-elected position and will serve for at least one year.

  1. Shall assist the Executive with advice and counsel as needed.
  2. Shall chair the Nomination Committee and Elections at the Branch AGM.


  1. Shall be responsible for the Minutes of Executive Meetings, the AGM and any Special Meetings and shall keep a record of all communications.
  2. Shall send the Minutes of an Executive, an AGM, or Special Meeting within days of such a meeting, either by post or email as requested by Executive Members.
  3. Shall maintain a file of the Minutes.
  4. Shall write letters as requested that pertain to Branch matters
  5. Shall assist the President in having ready the list of names and addresses of the in-coming officers of the Branch and also the AGM Minutes to be submitted to the BCRTA by June 30th.


Note: BCRTA Constitution and Bylaws, Sections 7.2 to 7.9

  1. Shall keep records of all monies received and spent, of invoices and receipts received, and issue cheques and write receipts as necessary.
  2. Shall ensure that the financial institution has on record not only the Treasurer’s signature but also the signatures of three of the Table Officers authorized by the Executive to sign cheques.
  3. Shall arrange to have cheques signed by any two of the following officers:
  4. Treasurer, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Past President
  5. Shall update signing authorities as soon as possible after July 1st.
  6. Shall inform the President when he/she will be unavailable and of the names of the two signers who have the cheques and the authority to sign.
  7. Shall provide financial reports as required, particularly for Executive Minutes and the AGM.
  8. Shall prepare a proposed Annual Budget for the coming year for presentation at the AGM.
  9. Shall make investments which would include at least 50% of the funds in GIC, Term Deposits, or Treasury Bill accounts.
  10. Shall review income, investments, expenditures and prepare for an in-house audit every year by two volunteer members prior to the AGM.
  11. Shall submit the branch financial statement to the BCRTA office by June 30th, or by the date requested by the BCRTA.


  1. Shall oversee the production and arrange for the distribution of the Vancouver Tabloid.
  2. Shall provide a minimum of four issues annually to members, to be distributed by post or email as requested by the members.
  3. Shall email copies of the Vancouver Tabloid to other branch presidents.
  4. Shall encourage members to submit articles on subjects of interest, and where appropriate include humour and photographs.
  5. Shall ensure that meetings, luncheons, and workshops are included and update calendar events.
  6. Shall maintain an archival file of past issues of the Vancouver Tabloid.
  7. May accept advertisements for publication in the Vancouver Tabloid.


  1. Shall maintain a current list of Branch membership.
  2. Shall assist in recruiting all retired teachers eligible for membership.
  3. Shall arrange to have representation at the seminars, held in Vancouver, conducted by the Teachers’ Pension Plan, or the BCTF, or the BCRTA for those teachers planning retirement.
  4. Shall contact VEAES and VSTA so that information re membership in the BCRTA and VRTA can be forwarded to the new retirees.
  5. Shall assist in the preparation of a mail-out of membership forms, branch information and incentives to be forwarded to the VEAES and VSTA offices in June for distribution to their retiring members.


  1. Shall work with a team of writers and readers (the Website Committee
  2. and technical webmaster to keep the VRTA website content up to date, secure and functional,
  3. Shall be responsible for checking emails sent to the website (under the Contact Us tab
  4. and replying to them or directing them to the appropriate executive members,
  5. Shall work with the Communications Committee to assist with the VRTA communications.
  6. Shall be assisted by and when needed employ technical advisors and others having the expertise required in maintaining and updating the website, such expenses to be approved by the Executive



  1. Shall help the VRTA coordinate communication tools and ensure that communications and public relations regarding the VRTA are current.
  2. Shall assist with the Website and Tabloid content,
  3. That the committee consist of two table officers, the editor, and the website coordinator,
  4. That the committee meet at least once a year.


  1. Shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.
  2. Shall assist the Editor in providing contributions, in editing and proof reading.
  3. In the absence of an editor, shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee that will insure the continuation of the publication and distribution of the Vancouver Tabloid.
  4. Shall ensure that the articles are non-partisan and non-discriminatory.


  1. Shall maintain and update the Vancouver Branch website, www.vrta.ca
  2. Shall manage content, maintenance, and consultation, including updating the VRTA News and upcoming events sections; uploading the latest edition of the Tabloid; and posting one or two new articles each month,
  3. Its contributing members shall pay attention to detail, be accurate, be creative in writing and have a basic knowledge of information technology.

4. SOCIAL and PROGRAM Coordinator

  1. Shall bring program ideas to the Executive and to the Editor for consideration.
  2. Shall arrange locations, dates, and times for luncheons, and other social events and trips.
  3. Shall be responsible for arrangements, menus and programs.
  4. Shall inform the Executive of expected costs.
  5. Shall assist in having speakers, door prizes and entertainment whenever requested.
  6. Shall provide registration and other pertinent information to the Treasurer and Editor.
  7. Shall have reminder notices sent (by email) two weeks prior to the occasion.
  8. Shall be assisted by the Executive as required.


  1. Be aware that membership fees can no longer support scholarships/bursaries.
  2. In the past (prior to 2017), the VRTA was able to make donations to four scholarships at both UBC and SFU in the Faculties of Education and Nursing.
  3. In the past Education awards were to be given preference to graduates from a Vancouver public secondary school and to students who had financial need.
  4. Shall continue to explore ways of raising funds to support the scholarship programs.
  5. Shall encourage personal donations through the RR Smith Memorial Fund Foundation, or other institutions.


  1. Shall arrange for workshops on issues of interest.
  2. Shall arrange for the date, time, and location or by virtual connections (ie. Zoom, Webinars, etc.) as circumstances make necessary.
  3. Shall arrange for a prior registration, to determine attendance.
  4. Shall consider providing coffee, tea and something to eat (cookies, sandwiches).
  5. Workshops are without charge to members. (BCRTA policy)
  6. The Executive will decide upon honoraria, reimbursements and paying other costs.


  1. Shall arrange for delivery in early December, poinsettias or letters of greeting to VRTA members who will be 85 or older within the calendar year.
  2. Shall deliver poinsettias to those members who reside in Vancouver.
  3. Shall send letters of greeting to those members who reside outside of Vancouver.
  4. As this is a service to its members the VRTA will cover all expenses.


  1. Shall send appropriate cards to members or their families on the occasion of bereavement, illness, accident or joyous occasions.
  2. Shall be notified by members and others as to whom should receive a card.
  3. Shall keep a record and receipts of the cards sent.
  4. Shall keep a supply of postage stamps and suitable cards available.
  5. Shall submit the receipts to the Treasurer.


  1. Shall encourage the preservation of educational heritage in BC.
  2. Shall be aware of grants available from the BCRTA Heritage Committee.
  3. Shall maintain a history of branch activities and photographs.
  4. Shall assist the Vancouver Board of Education Heritage Committee.


  1. Shall be appointed by the Executive to undertake duties as assigned or as initiated due to a special talent or interest.