Make a Difference Volunteer

You are invited to join the Executive Committee, or Volunteers group, which are essential to the success of the Vancouver Retired Teachers' Association in fulfilling its responsibilities to its membership either directly or due to its affiliation with other representative associations.  

You are needed, as presently the VRTA is lacking newer members who are prepared to assist by introducing new ideas, skills and energies to the tasks ahead.

Yes, it is a recruitment drive, as a number of the present Executive and Volunteers will no longer be able to carry out their responsibilities, due to age, health conditions and other demands.

If you or someone you know would be interested please contact us.

Having computer literacy would be useful and in some instances necessary, but your involvement is what is most important.

The Executive Committee usually meets about five times a year.  It meets at the BCTF building, from 10:00am.

Presently its meetings are by ZOOM, due to self isolation restrictions. 

Volunteers are those that prefer a specific task. 

VRTA contacts: Nominations chairperson: Winola Chu 604 872-1859

Assistants: Norma Westrom 604 731-3937

                      Denis Ottewell 604 526-7561

Other contacts are listed in the Tabloid, by phone or email.


               By helping others...we help ourselves