Upcoming AGM for BCRTA

The fall AGM of the BCRTA will be held on October 1, 2, and 3, 2020 when elections of officers will be held as well as reports of the year's business including pensions.  Many members are concerned that the COVID-19 virus and downturn of the markets may impact the return of the stock market yield.  President Gerry Tiede assured the Vancouver branch in June that our pensions are secure, but future cost of living increases may be impacted. Our delegates to the October AGM are Dave Ellis, Barb Mikulec, Anastasia Mirras, Sheila Pither,  Norma Westrom with alternates Ros Kellett and Les Rowe. 

Our regular annual fee of $12 will be presented at the Vancouver RTA AGM on Tue September 8, 2020.