Who was BC's First Advocate for Seniors?

Isobel Mackenzie, BC's First Seniors Advocate, concluded her 10th year of service in March 2024 in the OSA, Office of Senior Advocate. Isobel travelled extensively in BC, interviewing, investigating and researching seniors living in long term care (LTC) and their caregivers, managers and policy advisors. She compiled a series of reports, the most recent being EVERY VOICE COUNTS. This is the second province wide report on the state of LTC residents in BC, five years after her first such report. She provides 8 recommendations, her strongest being that we increase Staffing Levels in all care facilities to over 4 hours of direct care per resident per day. An earlier report, IT'S TIME TO ACT also provides a summary of recommendations and action plans to help seniors as they age and explains the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. All her reports are available on the website: https://www.seniorsadvocatebc.ca/reports/ or by email: info@seniors advocatebc.ca or by phone toll free 1 877 952-3181